2016 in 2016

2016 is the 10th anniversary of Neighborhood Church’s partnership with Houston School.

We could look back and think,
We’re awesome! We did so many good things in 10 years!

Or we could keep moving forward …
do something amazing …
and stretch ourselves further than we’ve ever gone in our quest to live and love like Jesus.

For 2016, we’re setting a new goal! This is a goal for everyone in the Neighborhood Church family.

We want to see 2016 people do something to impact our friends in the Houston neighborhood.


Getting 2016 people to impact an entire neighborhood takes a lot of creative ideas! How will you get involved?

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What’s The Count?

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Make A Difference WIth Us

Neighborhood Church

5505 West Riggin
Visalia, California

Houston School

1200 North Gidding
Visalia, California

As a church, one of our values is Restoration. That means we partner with God to make our world better … especially in the Houston neighborhood.